Tuesday, 25 May 2010

BNP activist and teacher cleared of racial intolerance

Describing immigrants as "savage animals" and "filth" is not racist or intolerant. What is?

Neither is claiming that Britain was becoming a "dumping ground for the filth of the Third World".

The General Teaching Council (GTC) was hearing the case of teacher and BNP activist Adam Walker, accused of racial intolerance.

Chairwoman, Angela Stones, delivering the committee's verdict said some of Mr Walker's postings contained offensive terms and demonstrated views or an attitude that might be considered racist.

However, Mrs Stones added: "The committee does not accept that references to 'immigrants' are of themselves suggestive of any particular views on race."

The reason given is that a negative comment about immigrants is not “indicative of racist views or racial intolerance” because immigrants come from all over the world.

Neither would “Third World Immigrants” – that could refer to many countries.

But we all know he was referring to particular races when he referred to "immigrants".

"The committee's view is that, to be suggestive of intolerance, the postings would need to deny or refuse to others the right to dissent." In other words he can say anything.

The good news is that he claims that he has "never condemned all immigrants or asylum seekers."

Married to a Japanese woman, and having travelled the world, his comments clearly demonstrate how he values the beauty and diversity of different cultures.
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