Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Governor of Punjab murdered by own bodyguard

The Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province was shot down by one of his bodyguards yesterday.

The bodyguard was angered by the Governors opposition to the blasphemy laws. But, he may also have been assassinated for political reasons.

You may not have liked the late governor for other reasons, but to murder him, for that or over the blasphemy laws is unacceptable, in Islam.

He only expressed his views about the blasphemy law - a much abused law.

More than 500 scholars from the moderate Barelvi Sunni sect have warned that anyone who expresses grief over the assassination could suffer the same fate.

"More than 500 scholars of the Jamaat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat have advised Muslims not to offer the funeral prayers of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer nor try to lead the prayers"

"Also, there should be no expression of grief or sympathy on the death of the governor, as those who support blasphemy of the Prophet are themselves indulging in blasphemy."

He did not blaspheme.
He sought justice for a woman.
That is no crime.

Taking the law into your own hands is a crime.
It is a crime in Islam. "Obey the law of the land" is a Muslims duty.

Another illiterate molvi recently said that the state could not pardon the woman accused of blasphemy. Why not? Who is in charge?

The Sahaba and family of the Prophet were prepared to stand back and make sacrifices to keep the unity and peace of the Ummah.

The people who support this murder and will not allow anyone to attend the funeral or show any sympathy are spreading "fitna" throughout the country. The Quran is full of warnings to these imbeciles.

There is a hadith about 2 women in which the Prophet tell us who will go to Heaven and Hell.

The person without manners i.e. intolerant will go to HELL irrespective of any amount of alleged devotion.

The person with manners i.e. tolerant will go to Heaven even though he only did the minimum required.

The goal of a Muslim is to achieve manners and be tolerant towards others.

The group of scholars also noted the "courage" of the killer and that his action has made Muslims around the world proud.

Disgusted would be more appropriate.
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