Sunday, 22 August 2010

Two Innocent brothers killed In Sialkot

In Sialkot 2 brothers, one 16 the other 18, were murdered by a mob in front of a policeman.

The victims mother said:

"I will never forgive them.
I want perpetrators to suffer the same treatment – only then will I have peace.
The spectators deserve the same."

The police, the perpetrators and the spectators should be "skinned alive".

There is nothing else that these bas***ds understand.

It is alleged taht robbers, fired gunshots, killed a man and wounded others.
The brothers arrived at the scene a few minutes later. The brother of the man killed, said that his brother was involved in a cricket match dispute earlier with these two, so they must part of the robber gang. The brother declared to all – that these two are the robbers. Then all hell broke loose.
The Police take 45 minutes to arrive, in the meantime all the town people viciously beat up the two boys near to death. The boys were then hung up outside the police station and beaten with sticks.
“Look we know these boys, they are not robbers”
Oops, wrong word because they get beaten up too.
This is not a village incident. It happened in a town, in this day and age.
What is more the police bast**rd in charge, made his 20-25 men encircle the scene so that no one could come to the boys aid.
A reporter who filed this barbarity could not sleep for three days.
The media reports glorified the fact that 2 robbers were caught and killed.
You cannot just kill people without a trial.
There could a hundred reasons to be wrong.
The people of Sialkot will testify that the two victims belonged to a very respectable family.
When the family receive the bodies of their two sons, in such a state , how do they feels. They only had 2 sons and a daughter. The police have labelled their son’s robbers. After 5 days no police report of the incident has been filed yet.

ooops that is not the whole or true story.
The boys were involved in a cricket dispute.
They were invited to come and make up.
What happened to them was pre-planned.
The story about the robbers was just concocted to blame them.
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Friday, 20 August 2010

Getting ready for Eid celebrations

Give a thought for the plight of these people.

Jaane kab honge kum, iss duniya ke gham by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Trust Yusuf Raza Gilani ?

Fake Medical camp set up for Prime Minister of Pakistan of Pakistan Yusuf Raza Gilani.

He barely looked at the victim when giving them 5,000 rupees cheques.
On his departure all signs of the camp dis-appeared.

"Whatever you give, we will give an account of every single penny”
- PM Gilani.

Would you trust this man to "account for every single penny" given to him or his government?

Only a fool or madman would make such a promise.

The rich, powerful and politicians are not accountable to anyone.
Not even for the distribution of hard earned charity money.
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